Where to Buy Craft Beer

Who is BeerMetalDude?
Name: Aaron Mendiola
Age: 37
Resides: San Antonio, TX
Personal pages: Facebook / Untappd

My name is Aaron Mendiola, and I put together BeerMetalDude.com to show off my love for two things, BEER…and…METAL!!!! For my Beer drinking lifestyle, I, like most people starting drinking at an early (not legal) age. The first few years of drinking beers for me included everything I could get my hands on at the most convenience. This means I was drinking Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light, Dos Equis, Tecate, Old English, and Natural Light. Damn, I drank all kinds of nasty shit when I was younger! Hahaha!

One of my earliest memories of drinking anything craft worthy was when I drank Maudite by Unibroue. Of course, me being a metal head, the imagery on the Maudite label was one of the things that sold me. Over the years I have had a crazy amount of different beers from all over the world. According to my Untappd check ins, I have had 650 unique beers, 938 total beers, and that was only since October 2011, and that is as of today (2/24/2013). I turned 21 in 1998, and was going to such bars as The Mix, which is a place that specializes in craft beer choices, so who the hell really knows exactly how many unique craft beers I have ever had. I do know for the past few years I have been collecting bottles of every beer I drink at home. I can not wait to build shelves for this collection.

In early 2012, my best friend who I have known since I was int he 3rd grade approached me with the idea of starting our own business along with another one of our best friends, so began Mad Pecker Brewing Company. We are hard at work at getting this off the ground, and soon you will be able to taste the beers that are created by MPB. Check our website to be part of our dream!

Another part of my life has been my love, and involvement in the Metal scene. in 1994, I was still in High school, and I had created my own fanzine called Beyond the Grave. Around that same time, I was putting together my first band which went nowhere. We partied more than we wrote music. Haha! I got asked to join the band, Maleficent, and my musical journey began.

Involvement in the Metal community:
MALEFICENT (1994-1997)
PUTRILAGE (1999-2003)
EXULCERATE (2003-2006)

BEYOND THE GRAVE (paper zine) (1994-1997)
UNDERGROUND BRUTALITY (paper zine) (1997-1999)
WITNESS THE SICKNESS (web only) (1999-2001)


Contributions to Craft Beer:
Past: Big Hops (Tapmaster)
Current: Busted Sandal Brewing Co. (Sales Rep)


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