Review: Oskar Blues Brewery Gubna


Brewery: Oskar Blues Brewery
Beer: Gubna Imperial IPA
Style: American Double/Imperial IPA
ABV: 10.0%
Character: 100+ IBU’s with a single hop (Summit Hops)
Metal Connection: MALEVOLENT CREATION – Eve of the Apocalypse


Holy Hop Heaven, Batman! This beer is definitely a Double/Imperial IPA for sure. According to the Oskar Blues website, their brewers wanted to achieve 100+ IBU’s (Definition) with a single hop to emphasize the complexity of character can arise from simple elements. Well, they achieved something!! Looks like majority of the hops used were Summit, but it did mention the use of Cascade as well, but I think the amount of Cascade is very minimal compared to the Summit.

Using my Ranger Creek Brewery pint glass, the beer poured a clear golden, slightly orange color with a thin half finger width off white head, which quickly went down to a ring of bubbles on top. It still left a spotty soapy looking lacing down the glass though, which was nice. Good carbonation with bubbles constantly rising.

Whoa, a very strong hop aroma with scents of citrus, floral, and pine all hitting you at once like an old Mike Tyson uppercut to the jaw! I get a slight yeast, bread-like aroma in the background giving this beer an excellent well rounded aroma!

Again, here come’s ‘ol Mike with a left hook to the face! BAM! Damn, the hop flavors are right there at the tip fo this beer with a bitter bite, citrus and plant-like flavors. Gubna gives you a malty flavor mid drink, and leaves you with a hoppy alcohol after taste. Well balanced, for sure.

Good medium mouth body, crisp and bitter, leaving your through a bit dry afterwards. This is just a Hop head’s perfect beer, in my opinion. I call this beer a hoppy mouthwash, because several minutes later I was still burping nothing but the hops.

All I know is, I am glad this came in a four pack, cause I know I have three left to drink and joyfully frolic though the hoppy goodness! My metal connection here is the song “Eve of the Apocalypse” by the band, MALEVOLENT CREATION. This is the opening track to their 1992 sophomore album, Retribution. I chose this song cause of the killer intro to this song. I imagine a kick ass dude named “Gubna” walking in a room with this intro playing, and then the song kicks in, brutally right from the first note, just as the hops hit you this same way. Just imagine it…. I see a movie in the near future! haha!

Burping hops, BeerMetalDude!


Author: BeerMetalDude

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