BMD on Tour: Lone Star Beverages


Place visited: Lone Star Beverages
Location: Carrollton, TX
Date Visited: 05/03/13
BMD on Tour Song of Choice: ACCEPT – Fast as a Shark

Once a year in May, we travel to Dallas, TX for the annual Texas Frightmare Weekend to hang with like minded horror/sci-fi movie fans such as ourselves. Well, for a small part of my trip up north, I like to venture off to do some beer shopping. One place I found out about before my trip in 2012 is a store called Lone Star Beverages. According to their Facebook page and official website they really push craft beer, especially Texas beers. One thing about this place is that it is strictly a Beer and wine store, so they are open 7 days a week, unlike liquor stores which are closed on Sundays (which is stupid, in my opinion).

Trust me when I say that this place is like a Toys-R-Us for craft beer drinkers. They have their main cooler, which takes up an entire wall, and is full of everything from single 12oz bottles, bombers, 750ml bottles, cans, and every type of pack you can think of. My favorite part of the store is their walk in cooler. It is two nice sized rooms filled wall to wall with shelves of 4 packs, 6 packs, and singles in every size as well. One cooler room is all Texas breweries, which was all set up nicely, and organized, which looked to be set up by city. What I found interesting was that this store had a lot of different beer that I have never seen in San Antonio. Even other stores I visited in the Dallas/Fort Worth area didn’t have quite as many Texas beers as Lone Star Beverages. After speaking to Rick of Lone Star Beverages, he informed me that he personally has driven to some of these Texas breweries and picked up cases for his store. “All in the name of Craft Beer, and to help spread the word of these beers and breweries” is what he told me.

I know that they do tastings there as well to help educate the masses away from their normal routine, which I love that they do. Also if you are planning an event and need kegs, you can also get them here as well. Oh, and guess what? They have craft beer choices for your kegs.

Lone Star Beverages have been there for 8 years, and I see them being there for many, many more. I encourage all my DFW friends to visit this store, even if it’s out of your way, just go there once. Trust me. You will be educated on your beer choices by the staff if you ask questions, and you will not be disappointed with your purchases. I can not wait to go back there again.

Cheers to Lone Star Beverages for pushing the Craft Beer scene to the area, we need more stores like this!!!

Here is a statement from their website just to let you know exactly what to expect here:

“Our mission is to provide to the residents of DFW access to the wonders of American and International craft beer & fine wines. We believe the art and magic of brewing and wine making is not simply a means to an end, but a process of profound beauty, innovation and creativity. Our extensive selection and expertise can help the newcomer or the long-time connoisseur find just the right beer or wine pairing for that dinner party or simply the perfect thirst quencher for their palate.

Lone Star Beverages showcases an abundance of American craft beer as well as varieties from around the world that exemplify liquid perfection. We carry all formats and also give people the opportunity to “build-your-own” 6-pack. Consumers looking for glassware to complement their beer will also find that too.

For those who are new to craft beer and those not so new, Our stores provide an inviting location where one can browse through open aisles and our famous Beer Cave. Also have great discussions with the friendly and professionally trained staff regarding the incredible varieties of beers & wines available. After all, it’s the diversity of beer-loving and wine loving people that drives our passion and knowledge.”

3065 N. Josey Ln #62
Carrollton, TX 7500
(Next to CVS on Frankford & Josey Ln)

The reason for me choosing this classic song by the band Accept is mainly cause of the title. I was driving as fast as a shark to get there to the store. I believe this was our first stop when we arrived to the Dallas area. We had to stock up for the weekend! Enjoy!


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