Beer Review: Infamous Brewing Company Sexapeel


Brewery: Infamous Brewing Company (TX, USA)
Beer: Sexapeel
Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 6.1%
Character: Brewed with coriander, seeds of paradise, and orange peel
Ratings: BA: — | RB: —
Metal Connection: ANNIHILATOR – Sexecution

BeerMetal Rating: 4/5

sexapeelGoing back to 2013, I have been drinking beers from Infamous Brewing Company from Austin, TX. All of them meeting or exceeding my expectations in some cases. I have never gone below a 3.5/5 rating, which is great, in my opinion.

Here we have one of their latest offerings, Sexapeel, which is a Hefeweizen by style with added ingredients such as coriander, seeds of paradise, and sweet orange peel. This gives this beer a very unique characteristic that puts this one in a different realm from other beers of this style.

As you can see, the can design is appeeling (see what I did there?)! The wrap around label features a close up of an orange peel. Their awesome revolver logo slapped right on there, with the beer name in large letters to grab any beer lover’s attention. This can automatically made me think that this beer was going to be sweet and juicy.

I poured this beer into a BrainDead Brewing nonic style pint glass. Sexapeel’s appearance was clear, and bright golden in color. The beer was topped with a large 1 inch white foamy head on the initial pour. The head retained as a thin layer atop the beer, leaving web-like lacing down the glass.

The aroma of the orange peel was strong and upfront. There was a little bit of a woody, grainy scent. The typical Hefeweizen yeast characteristic of banana was present, but not very prevalent, compared to the orange peel.

There wasn’t one flavor more dominant than the others, like the nose. The taste was a nice blend of ingredients. The orange peel added a nice sweetness, while the seeds of paradise and coriander added a grainy, wood-like flavor, being rounded out by the banana-like flavor that we all love in a good Hefeweizen. The orange peel and light banana flavors make up the aftertaste.

Sexapeel had a medium thickness to it. The mouthfeel was a bit bitter, and smooth. The finish was dry.

This was a pretty tasty and flavorful beer. Another winner by Infamous Brewing. Sure, it wasn’t brewed completely true to style, but the outside the box thought behind this beer put this one in the win category for me. I did use the word bitter, and of course, the use of the orange peel gave this one a juicy, citrus flavor, but not IPA-like, so don’t get that confused. I know these terms are used to describe hops and IPA’s, but trust me, this one is not hoppy. Do you remember those beers that you would once buy at your local sports bar that would come with an orange slice garnish? Imagine that, but 100x better.

annihilatorMetal Connection: Everybody should know the Canadian Thrash Metal band, Annihilator for their song “Alison Hell” from their 1989 debut full length album, Alice in Hell. The career of this band has been a strange one. Founded by Jeff Waters, who is the only sole constant band member to this day. When you look at the complete line-up for this band, it looks like an NFL team roster card. They are still an active band, and have released a total of 15 full length albums to this day. Remains is the band’s 6th album, released in 1997, and the only album which Jeff Waters plays every instrument, vocals, and even drum programming, instead of using a real drummer. This is their strangest album. It is frowned upon by many, and given horrible reviews. It’s not Speed Thrash Metal. It has more of a Groove Metal/Industrial feel to it. Here is the song “Sexecution” from this album. What do you think of this track?

Lyrics: How do you feel, miss sex appeal
Have you played this game before
A nail in the coffin, a bullet to the head
Take the chance and wind up dead


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